Neighborhood Water For Life Drive

Little things we take for granted everyday until it is gone!  Bindoyanon FB Foundation is here to find these little things. Have you ever thought that in some part of the world drinking water is hard to find?  Everyday these kind of places are going to the wall of ” The Good Old Days” and “Those Were The Days” list.

This group of concern Bindoyanon does exactly that..Reminding ourselves how every little piece of a puzzle is just as important as the big pieces.

Every now and then when it is cooking hot in our town we do water distribution, well many folks out there might say “Oh I can do that! or “That’s nothing, we have lots of water!! Not so true in every situation.  An old woman has done her normal walk as she would everyday and unexpectedly she met a few of her old friends on her walk and did not realize it is getting in the middle of the day and the sun is brightly make this story short you can go ahead and add your finishing touch!

water drivericamae-n-rex-logo.jpg


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